Naujas maistas – sustainable food & feed solutions in digital space!


Sustainable Universe for „Novel food“, allowing our Clients to create, supply and find each other, and contribute towards saving, recovering and developing our Environment.


Connecting sustainable food producers, suppliers and buyers in digital space, that provides infrastructure for procurement and sales channels, profesional consultation and education, market analysis in „one stop” approach


  • TRUST. We believe what we do and trust our Clients and Partners.

  • CUSTOMER FIRST. Identify our Customer needs FIRST and offer tailormade Solutions afterwards.

  • RESPECT & RESPONSIBILITY. Respect and responsibility towards ourselfes, Clients, Partners and Environment that surrounds us.
  • COURAGE. Dare to try, explore and find new ways.

About us

What is Novel food? Novel Food is defined as food that had not been consumed to a significant degree by humans in the EU before 15 May 1997.

At the moment, UAB Naujas Maistas is focusing towards INSECTS, which are recognized as Novel food according to  2015 November 25th ES directive 2015/2283 “food consisting of, isolated from or produced from animals or their parts, except for animals obtained by traditional breeding practices which have been used for food production within the Union before 15 May 1997 and the food from those animals has a history of safe food use within Europe Union”.

We would like to emphasize, that UAB Naujas Maistas aims to develop Insects food market not only as safe alternative to traditional human food, but also as sustainable solution towards animal feed (as example in Aqua culture).


  • Become a leading and preferred Digital Platfrom in EU concentrating in “Novel food” area.

  • Connect sustainable “novel food” producers, suppliers and buyers in one digital space.

  • To offer market analysis, trends and analytics for ”novel food” industry stakeholders, which will allow to expand our clients opportunities.

  • To offer professional education and consultation in the area of “novel food” supporting clients to obtain deeper knowledge and understanding establishing new business or developing the existing.
  • To offer innovative equipment for “novel food” industry.

  • Increase „novel food“ awareness in the market, especially as a safe alternative for human food.

  • Build dialoque with govermental institutions, business and consumers, supporting ecological and sustainable „novel food“ importance for human food, as well as animal feed.



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